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Continuing as weather permits!


Outdoor Worship at Drive-In in Houlton, Wi

Pile the kids and the family dog into the car and join us for our fun worship service at the Hilltop Drive-In Theater in Houlton, WI! The Drive-In is just east across the Stillwater bridge, about five minutes from downtown Stillwater. Please see the safe worship restrictions below that will be part of our outdoor worship experience this year.

Drive-In Houlton, WI



For Drive-In Worship to be safe and comfortable for everyone (including the leaders) we ask that you read this information carefully and adhere to all guidelines.


  1. A mask. Wearing a mask is required.
  2. Bread/crackers and juice. Please bring your own bread/crackers and juice for communion. Do not bring wine. The open container laws are in place. You may also want cups and napkins for everyone in your car.
  3. Your offering! We have a receptacle to safely receive a physical offering if you wish.
  4. Lawn chairs. If you wish to get out of your vehicle, please use your own lawn chairs and put them directly in front of your vehicle. Refrain from gathering in groups.

We are aware that life feels restricted right now. And we are used to the unique freedoms our drive-in offers. However, as the body of Christ we are also free to put the needs of the most vulnerable first and we will do exactly that because the drive-in offers a safe outing for our beloved community. Let’s do all we can to keep it possible. The following are necessary if we are going to be able to worship at the drive in and welcome all comers.

  1. If you are sick or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, stay home.
  2. Face masks are required.
  3. Park 8-feet apart within the markings and according to the usher’s instructions.
  4. If you wish to get out of your vehicle, please use your own lawn chairs and put them directly in front of your vehicle.
  5. Maintain social distance from those not in your household. Refrain from gathering in groups.
  6. We will not be serving coffee and treats, but feel free to bring your own! Do not share food or drink between cars.

We are fortunate to have the great blessing of our drive in. And while it’s hard not to enjoy it in our normal fashion, it will be a joy to offer one another a safe way to gather and see familiar faces. Make sure your car horns are working!

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