Children in Worship

Children are always welcome in worship! Here are a few ways we strive to support young families on Sunday morning.

Grace Spaces
Grace Spaces are inclusive spots around our Worship Center and Narthex for children (and anyone else!) to play, color, and be included in worship comfortably. 

Calm Lounge
The Calm Lounge is located in the Chapel adjacent to the Worship Center and is available for children accompanied by a caregiver who are in need of a diaper change, a feeding, or a friendly space to work through a big feeling. Worship is live-streamed so caregivers aren’t cutoff from worship.

Worship Bags
Located near all four Grace Spaces, these bags are geared toward different ages (look at the tags) and include books, activities, crafts, and fidgets to keep little hands busy.

Sunday Open Gym
Open Gym is for children and families in between worship services. Play and connect with other families and children! For parents wishing to attend Sunday Faith Forum, the Gym is supervised by middle/high school youth volunteers.