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One of the poetic blessings of life in this north country is that Advent comes with the darkness.

Jesus came when the people of God were under the dark shadow of the Roman empire, aching for hope and liberation. They longed for light, just as we long for light. Maybe more now than in recent memory.

Our Advent and Christmas theme this year is “What Love Looks Like.” Together we will dwell in the light and wonder of the incarnation of the Creator and the wonder that we are worth God’s risk. This dark and holy season, there are multiple opportunities to dwell in the light of God’s love.

Love Looks Like: Advent Sunday worship with its rhythms and sacraments grounds us in the life of a community that is the incarnate body of Jesus. Each Sunday will offer its own unique blessing.

Love Looks Like: Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. we offer a brief order of worship as part of Wednesday Faith Formation with our children and youth, who are a source of light in the darkness. Everyone is welcome to come and hear the glory of Mary’s Magnificat and the way love turns the world upside down.

Love Looks Like: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worship when we gather in wonder of the incarnation to hear melodies, stories and prayers both modern and ancient.

Love Looks Like: This year we will meet the darkness in hope and grace on the longest night of the year. The Longest Night worship is Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. That evening, the longest dark of the year, we will worship sustained by music, candlelight and community. It is a lovely, quiet service for those who cannot face the high energy of the “holidays” or for those simply needing to step out of the frenzy for a moment. It is also a service to which you can invite those for whom church has become difficult or painful. Please join us.


Love Looks Like: A congregation that joined its heart to God’s and passed a new welcome statement that tears down false walls. Love looks like a congregation that reconciles with those hurt by the church over the centuries and moves into a future living Jesus’ model of radical hospitality. Love looks like a church willing to take a risk for her neighbors.

Love Looks Like: A congregation that proclaims God’s mission before our own. “Because God first loved us…” will ground our mission partnership with God’s purpose in the world.

Love Looks Like: God at work in the people of Trinity Lutheran Church. Dec. 12 marks my second anniversary as your pastor. It has been a remarkable two years, learning who you are and who God has called you to be, growing in love, confidence, hope and hospitality. I look forward to sharing a future filled with light.

Wishing you a hope-filled Advent and a Christmas abounding in love,

Pastor Chris