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Where to start? What’s the benefit outside of worship? How do we listen with a Lutheran lens?

A couple weeks ago, Pastor Chris shared a video called “Bible Matters: 4 times a week impact.”  In the video, these two guys chat about recent research about folks’ engagement with scripture. You can view it here on YouTube:

The big takeaway from the video is that there are really positive implications from reading/listening/pondering/studying the Bible four times a week.

At this level of engagement, people say they feel less lonely, less angry, less afraid, and more connected to God.

But the Bible can be scary, harsh, distant, intimidating, used as a weapon. Right?

It can be. And it has.

But, like everything, there are increasingly approachable ways to read the Bible (or listen to it!) that make it less high brow, more real, and interesting.

What if engaging scripture helped us more fully name and claim our Belovedness in God’s eyes and more moved and open to our neighbor relationships?

At the end of October, Pastor Chris and I will be starting a six-week Podcast series on how we read the Bible, how we approach the Old and New Testaments, and looking at the Bible not as a weapon—but how we reflect God’s love in the world. You can listen and engage at any time. We hope that this foundation might increase our individual and communal commitments to the Bible. Watch for more details coming soon.

Week 1: What is the Bible and where does it come from — Old Testament

Week 2: What is the Bible and where does it come from — New Testament

Week 3: What lenses do we use to read the Bible — Devotional

Week 4: What lenses do we use to read the Bible — Historical

Week 5: What lenses do we use to read the Bible — Literary

Week 6: What lenses do we use to read the Bible — Lutheran/theological

We will also have a Zoom Q and A to wonder together about these approaches.

We believe that the Bible matters. In an increasingly polarized world and in the face of pandemic, we look again to these ancient Words to bring us back to God and God’s promises in Jesus.

We hope you can join us and build a dialog at Trinity that increases Biblical confidence, encourages questions and doubts, and leads us all to transformation.

In God’s Loving Word,

Pastor Peter