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Christ is Born!

Christ is Born for us, indeed! Merry Christmas!

Wow, it feels so good to be turning another yearly calendar page into 2021, even as it still feels very much like the same days over and over again.

I often take time in January newsletters to reflect on the last year and what have been the highs and lows.

And even as I have treasured and pondered in my heart so many things from this last revolution around the sun, it is still so hard to fully realize how much we have been through.

It’s been different for everyone, but we will all remember 2020, probably like no other year.

Which is why for me, it has been so important to name and to be the church. To be the Body of Christ.

As we continue to look to the manger in this Christmas season, we are reminded that God’s work for us in the world happens in such unlikely and amazing places.

Breaking and birthing through vulnerable moments of incarnation.

God’s grace and love covers this lowly holy family. This is what we are for

All of the stars and the sparkle and the lights of Christmas dance with impossibility.

Really? After a year like this? God is still moving? Doing something new even?

Well, yes. Even still.

For years both unlike and similarly disruptive.

God’s people were always urged, no matter what the year was, to keep coming back to the same amazing impossibility of life.

Of Good News, when we have been through so much.

Of service, when we are at our exhausted wits end.

Of emphatic praise, when our cries are sometimes all that comes.

Of beloved community, when we can’t even breathe the same air together.

This is what we do, as every year turns.

This is what are for in the world.

To hold fast to the truth that God’s love incarnate always has the first, hopefully some of the middle, and certainly the last word.

As we enter these new minutes and hours and days in 2021, may we continue to be God’s people as we always have, for we have been made for this.

Happy New Year,
Pastor Peter