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For a cool way to connect to Lent (you or your family), take a picture a day using the word that’s given. Where did you see God?  What do you see? What shimmers around you?

A couple weeks back, we went to visit and celebrate birthdays for my two nieces just north of Rochester at their farm. My brother and sister-in-law have about 40 acres where they grow all sorts of vegetables, especially heirloom tomatoes and a bunch of varieties of kale.

But in the winter, and with some sleds and an electric gator farm vehicle, the rolling hills of southern Minnesota make a great sled track.

We pulled about six kids and sleds daisy-chained together over the frozen fields, laughing and yelling and screaming for joy. It was beautiful.

And I definitely jumped on a ski sled too!

For me, it was another mirror and reminder of the playful heart of God. How much our bodies crave fun and intentional play—no matter our age. What a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy play.

With the busyness of so many extracurriculars these days and demands on our lives, I know personally and from others that families often have less time together. While we may be watching our children in activities, we are less often engaged with them in those activities.

As we move into this season of Lent, I’m reflecting on the intentionality that Jesus showed with those he loved and his followers. How well he knew them. How much he understood about the shallowness of life.

For Lent this year, maybe you want to take a creative class with your child or learn a new skill as a family. Maybe it’s a restful activity or a silly one.

What if you did a 40 day (or however many days are left in Lent) with your grandchild and shared where you saw God healing, loving, or forgiving?

Lent is a good time to inject a positive change into your life and I don’t think Lent has to be dull to be reflective or faithful.

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