Homeless Strategy & Advocacy Team

The Homeless Strategy and Advocacy Team (HSAT) is a collaboration of church members from numerous congregations in the St. Croix Valley and throughout Washington county, that are working to reduce homelessness. The team’s objectives are:

  • educate the community regarding the condition of its homeless neighbors.
  • identify homelessness mitigating solutions.
  • collaboratively advocate by rallying faith community, secular community, and government support that enable homelessness solution implementation.
  • and actively implement solutions for homelessness that improve our neighbors’ lives.

View detailed document about HSAT>>

If you have questions about HSAT, please contact John Hodler or Jeff Anderson.

Tiny Home

HSAT partnered with the organization called Settled to sponsor a tiny home for a person experiencing chronic homelessness. Sacred Settlements prioritize sustainable housing, purposeful work, and supportive community. Many thanks to everyone that donated money and time to successfully cover the cost of building a Tiny Home for a person experiencing homelessness. If you have questions about the tiny home initiative, please contact Mark Weber.

The tiny home is complete and has been placed in a Sacred Settlement. Sacred Settlement Mosaic is officially open. Please watch the short video above from Settled: The First Sacred Settlement is Open. Settled.

Hear more about Settled in the video below with CEO and Co-founder, Gabrielle Clowdus who was the guest speaker at Trinity’s Faith Forum on Sunday, Jan. 16, 2021. She overviews “Sacred Settlements” which are an innovative, research-based way to address chronic long-term homelessness by developing holistic tiny home communities in cooperation with faith communities.