Homeless Strategy & Advocacy Team

The Homeless Strategy and Advocacy Team (HSAT) is a collaboration of church members from numerous congregations in the St. Croix Valley and throughout Washington county, that are working to reduce homelessness. The team’s objectives are:

  • educate the community regarding the condition of its homeless neighbors.
  • identify homelessness mitigating solutions.
  • collaboratively advocate by rallying faith community, secular community, and government support that enable homelessness solution implementation.
  • and actively implement solutions for homelessness that improve our neighbors’ lives.

View detailed document about HSAT>>

If you have questions about HSAT, please contact John Hodler or Jeff Anderson.

Tiny Home

HSAT partnered with the organization called Settled to sponsor a tiny home for a person experiencing chronic homelessness. Sacred Settlements prioritize sustainable housing, purposeful work, and supportive community. Many thanks to everyone that donated money and time to successfully cover the cost of building a Tiny Home for a person experiencing homelessness. The tiny home is complete and awaiting placement in a Sacred Settlement. Watch Settled’s video above for the emotional few minutes before and after the St. Paul City Council approved the ordinance necessary for this work. The approval was four years in the making.

If you have questions about the tiny home initiative, please contact Mark Weber.

Hear more about Settled in the video below with CEO and Co-founder, Gabrielle Clowdus who was the guest speaker at Trinity’s Faith Forum on Sunday, Jan. 16, 2021. She overviews “Sacred Settlements” which are an innovative, research-based way to address chronic long-term homelessness by developing holistic tiny home communities in cooperation with faith communities.