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What is your position at church? How would you describe what you do to a friend? I’m Pastor of Lifelong Faith Formation. I get to accompany Trinity folks in our shared faithful curiosity, questions, growth, wonder, giftedness, and story. The best part is that I get to be connected to this learning with all ages and stages.

What is the best part about your job? Your favorite task/responsibility? I’m a learner at heart. I love to learn new things and play with ideas and hear people’s stories. One of the reasons that I was really excited to be a part of Trinity’s ministry is the opportunity to serve on a pastoral team and a staff team. WHICH HAS BEEN AWESOME! They even put up with my office whistling.

What is your current favorite bible story or verse and why? Recently, I have been really gravitating to the prophets and the mixture of hope and encouragement that they give in the midst of really tough days. I also really like the story of Jonah and how having it’s pages in the Bible really offers this surprising way of entering into God’s wider love.

What is your current favorite name for God and why? Ever Greater Love. I think God’s primary heart-work in Christ is to transform our limited vision of love into abundant agape.

How would you describe your faith journey in 5 words? Passion, Partner, Pastor, Parent, Provocateur

If you could be an artist, what kind would you like to be? It may seem really cliché but I do really enjoy making things out of wood. Little toys for our girls, doll things, fairy houses, a table, wall décor. I also really like gadgets and tools and electronics. I also really enjoy tinkering in the garage: small car repairs, fixing trinkets and appliances, tearing things apart and hoping that when I put them back together they work.

To contact Pastor Peter Weston Miller, Pastor of Lifelong Faith Formation, please call 651-439-7400, ext. 332