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I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for winter.

I haven’t even gotten all the leaves up yet. I still need to bleed my pipes so they don’t freeze. I need to fire up my snow thrower so that it’s ready when an actual snow storm hits.

It’s amazing all the little pieces we do and prepare to survive this arctic climate.

But if I think about really hard, past my list of to-dos, I know that this season is and will always be full of beautiful traditions, renewed intentionality, and thoughtful anticipation.

We do the same things over and over. Maybe you do too.

We love going to Augsburg’s Advent Vespers and listening to the choirs, and the poetry, and watch the movement of the candlelight.

We love counting down the days to Christmas with Advent Acts of Kindness and committing to service as a family as much as new toys.

It’s also in Advent that we celebrate our oldest child’s birth.

It’s full. It’s holy. It’s lovely. It’s magical.

And—I’m not ready.

Maybe the world never is.

But that’s the great promise isn’t it?

That regardless of if we feel or think we are ready, God chooses to enter our story. God makes a home among mortals. Jesus will be born.

And the whole chorus sings.

May this season of Joy and Light be a welcome sight for you and for your neighbors.

Even if you aren’t ready.

Happy Advent,

Pastor Peter

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