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Our little girls have always been on the move. They moved quickly through the big milestones of scooting, crawling, walking, and running, despite lots of tumbles in the process.

But my heart definitely skipped a beat when I watched our oldest take off on a bike for the first time without training wheels. Her little legs pumping so hard. Her helmet bobbing as she went. When she got it, it was like she was born to it.

It was a big moment in our lives. One worth celebrating. One to pause and thank God for her ability, her courage, her large motor development, and steady growth. Of course, we had ice cream that night and a special prayer of gratitude.

And I remember thinking how the world sort of stood still and it felt like holy blacktop that I was standing on.

Not only was she growing but the great thing about being a parent is watching your child thrive through these different milestones.

Thanking God, and watching and celebrating as God does, for those special moments of growth.

Milestones are all around us aren’t they?

Times where we pause and recognize that we are walking on holy ground. Holy blacktop.

And not just for kids. For all ages.

Calling a place home. Your gifts making a difference in the world. Realizing you have people who you can depend on.

Church is a place to help celebrate and mark key milestones in our faith life.

This year, we are exploring ways to celebrate a wide range of milestones, not only baptism and prayer and Confirmation and Senior Recognition, but how each of us is at a particular moment of celebration with God.

Let’s pause and thank God for being on holy ground together at Trinity, and continue to find ways to see each other thrive.

In Ministry with you through the Milestones,

Pastor Peter

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