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Grades 6/7/8
Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm,
Worship Center & Garden Room
Cost:  $100

6/7/8 Confirmation Basics
In 2017, 7/8 Confirmation became 6/7/8 Confirmation as our new 6th graders joined the current ministry led by Monty Lysne and a committed group of volunteer leaders. This large-group/small-group system blends learning, service, and fellowship to present a more complete Confirmation/faith formation experience, going beyond simply Confirmation instruction in to Confirmation ministry with kids and families. Topics are presented to the large group, then grade-specific small groups break off to discuss and “unpack” the concepts together. This allows for kids of different ages to explore the subject where they are developmentally.

A Transition Began Last Year
As we continue our transition in to this new grade grouping, this year’s 8th and 9th graders will see no change to their current schedule. This year’s 8th and 9th graders will still have two years with Monty, and 9th graders will have a year with Pastor Peter and Monty and will affirm their faith on Confirmation Day in the spring of the 9th grade year. In short, if you had a child entering 8th – 9th grades this fall, your schedule will not change from what has happened in the recent past: 8/9 grades with Monty, 9th grade with Pastor Peter and Monty, and Confirmation day in the spring of the 9th grade year.

Subtle changes for This Year’s 6th and 7th Grades
Along with moving upstairs to join Confirmation, this year’s 6th grade and 7th grade classes will be the first to go through a subtle change to their Confirmation journey. With three years of Confirmation ministry completed by the end of 8th grade, these groups will affirm their faith on Confirmation Day in the fall of their 9th grade year, not spring as it is currently. These kids will be the first classes to do so, and this will be the normal schedule moving forward.

Various studies have been done concerning the benefits of the Middle School model for kids, and we’re confident our existing Confirmation system already connects well with the more holistic Middle School philosophy. It is the hope of the Trinity Children, Youth & Family (CYF) staff that the changes to the local schools and the upcoming changes to Trinity’s Confirmation program will be a blessing to the families and kids involved.



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