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9th Grade


Grade 9
Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm

We are very excited about this year of Confirmation Faith Formation!

What is Confirmation (and isn’t)? 

Confirmation is a milestone.  It’s a water-stop along the marathon of faith.  It’s a celebration of growth.  It’s building on the work of Faith Formation that you have had leading up to this time.  Also known as “The Affirmation of Baptism,” basically, it’s also an opportunity for Christians to affirm for themselves in front of their faith community the growth that they have made in the promises that their parents, sponsors and congregation made for them at their baptism.  They are encouraged to take on the faith that was and continues to be gifted to them. At baptism, parents, sponsors and the church promise to support the baptized by helping them: 

  • To live among God’s faithful people 
  • To bring them to the word of God and the Lord’s supper  
  • To proclaim Christ through word and deed  
  • To serve all people, following the example of Jesus 
  • To strive for justice and peace in all the earth 

 At their Affirmation of Baptism, the capstone of this experience, confirmands are asked to make this promise for themselves.  We don’t care about perfection, or some kind of graduation, but Confirmation affirms and marks progress in the Christian faith and life. We definitely want to (and God wants to) celebrate that!

Confirmation is NOT a sacrament in the Lutheran tradition. It is NOT required for participation. But we choose to provide Confirmation as an intensive experience in exploring the Christian faith and life, so that youth are given ownership and choice in how they live out these promises.

Dates to Know

  • Wednesday, Oct. 2: Confirmation begins
  • Friday & Saturday, Nov. 15-16: Grade 9 Retreat at Camp St. Croix
  • Wednesday, April 29: Confirmation ends
  • Sunday, May 3 , 2020: Confirmation Day, 9 am or 10:30 am service with cake reception between services

Please download the documents below for more details.


What’s the Same as Last Year?

  • Dinner for the whole family most Wednesdays in the Garden Room from 5:30 PM – 6 PM
  • Grade 9 Large and Small Groups, meeting most Wednesdays in the Garden Room 6pm-7:00pm
  • Grade 9 Retreat (Nov. 15-16) conveniently planned at Camp St. Croix in Hudson
  • Capstone Faith Project and Faith Sponsor Letters (more info at Orientation and Retreat)

What’s New in 2019-2020?

  • More intentional aligning Trinity’s Mission Statement, Core Values, and Baptismal Promises
  • Parent/Guardian Potluck and Retreat moved to the Fall with emphasis on relationships/projects
  • “All In” sessions (Oct. 9 and Nov. 13), cross-gen family faith formation experiences.  Please Join! 
  • “Current” worship is now at the end of the night, not the beginning, starting at 7:05 PM and ending at 7:30 PM.  So, stop in a bit early to pick up your child, and join in a short worship service together
  • Worship Reflections (6): Worship is REALLY IMPORTANT to lasting faith formation (at Trinity or somewhere else).  Fill out a short reflection – Christmas and Easter count!
  • Service Reflections (2): Christians lead and act in the world through service.  Pick two projects with your small group and share a short reflection about your experience.  We will have some options for you.


Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Evenings

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Boutwells Sr. Communion
Jul 8, 2020
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Private Meeting
Jul 8, 2020
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