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Are you finding time this summer to rest, re-create, refresh? Time away from the normal routine? Time to listen to the birds, watch the river or a baseball game?

Summer is an evocative season. Rhubarb crisp stirs up childhood memories of finding shapes in the clouds and holding beauty pageants on the front sidewalk. The breeze through the window harkens back to evenings at the beach after Dad got home from work. Falling asleep to the crack of a bat from the Twins game on television. Days when change came slowly, like a fat fly finding its way up the screen door.

We need the summer slowdown. This past year has been one of nearly constant change and perpetual uncertainty spiced with fear. We have pivoted, veered, tottered, corrected, and rebalanced—our own version of a continually rescheduled “responding-to-pandemic Olympics!”

And through it all, we have reminded one another of God’s steadfast presence. The unexpected generosity and full-hearted participation of so many have affirmed that God has a vision for the Body of Christ as we look to the future.

By now most of you will have learned of Phil Kadidlo’s decision to step down from his role as worship director and band director. (See page 7 for full announcement.) He will remain on staff as our AV Tech Director, so we will continue to be blessed by him, Robin, or their family. (Ash is also on staff as sound tech.) Phil is looking forward to this next chapter and the new learning it represents.

Still. After 35 years of thoughtful, innovative, theologically grounded, faithful, and enormously talented worship and musical leadership, it’s hard to imagine our 10:30 a.m. worship without him. So, we transition with him in deep gratitude and love, with tears in our eyes and uncertainty in our hearts.

And we still have Phil to shepherd our technological future at a time when the church is more reliant on tech than ever imagined. And we have a talented interim band director in Kirby Smith, who has agreed to walk the journey with us through Christmas. And our band members and song leaders are still with us, eager to bring back our 10:30 a.m. sound. And Carol is shouldering extra tasks to ease the transition.

And God’s Spirit has been poured out upon us with the clear assurance that we are loved and there is loving work for us to do in the Valley. There are songs to be sung, prayers to be prayed, good words to be preached, neighbors to be loved, children to be cherished, seniors to be visited, bread to be broken. We will enter a time of prayerful discernment, listening deeply to the Spirit as we discern our next steps. And we come back together in worship next month to rejoice that we are still church in all circumstances—whether we worship with organ, drums, or even vultures posted on top of a tumbledown drive-in screen!

In the meantime, I know you will join me in prayers and good wishes for Phil and Robin. Please hold Pastor Peter, Carol, the council and me in prayer as we determine our most faithful and hopeful next steps. Hold Kirby in prayer as he ably and faithfully comes alongside us.

We always look forward to hearing your questions and ideas for moving Trinity into alignment with God’s dream. “For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.”
– Jerimiah 29:11

In peace,

Pastor Chris