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Weekly E-Newsletter
Sign up for our newsletter that is sent by email each Friday. Includes what is happening at Trinity on Sunday, that week and coming up. Other important information is included to keep you up to date on life in this congregation and the larger church.

Trinity Today Monthly Newsletter
Receive an email that links to a downloadable PDF of the Trinity Today newsletter which includes all the worship, service and connection opportunities for the coming month; as well as articles from the pastors and ministry teams to tell the story of our faith community. Also included are connections to our ELCA larger church and community.

Congregational Notices, Announcements & Events
Email notices are sent as needed and may include all-congregation events, church office/building closings, worship notices, staff changes and anything else we think you might want to know as part of our faith community.

Sympathy Notices for Members
With permission of the family, we will notify you by email when a member of Trinity has died. Usually includes a link to the obituary and memorial service details.