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Trinity Tired Men’s Troupe (TTMT)

Trinity Tired Men’s Troupe

For busy men who want to connect with God and each other

Small groups help form faith and intentional community. We want to create a space for guys to be known, supported, and encouraged in their lives. We are committed to helping each other grow spiritually and live as Jesus in the world, loving God and loving neighbor.
Format for the Groups:
Striving for groups of about 6-8 guys who meet monthly for 1-2 hours, discuss a topic, share highs and lows, and pray for each other.

There are a variety of groups meeting in different places, typically on the last week of the month.

Group 1
Meets Wednesdays at Trinity at 7:30 pm
Leader: Russell Hoff

Group 2
Meets Wednesdays at Dunn Bros. at 6 am
Leader: Mace Wescott

Group 3
Meets Tuesdays at Lift Bridge at 7 pm
Leader: David Kufner

Group 4
Meets Wednesdays at Match Sticks at 8 pm
Leader: Aaron Haase/Ryan Karlstad

Group 5
Meets Wednesdays at Lift Bridge at 8 pm
Leader: Derek Wolden

Group 6
Meets Thursdays at Maple Island Brewing at 8pm
Leader: David Martin

Join us! Fill out the bio form below and get in touch with Pastor Peter to get plugged in to a group.

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