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Love Drop Ministry

Many of you have expressed an interest in spreading love to fellow Trinity members who may be in a position of feeling isolated due to this global pandemic. Well, we have a solution and would love for you to be a part—either as a giver or receiver—BOTH are needed!

Welcome to the new Love Drop ministry: pairing those who are mobile and eager to care with folks who might welcome a small bundle of goodies that speak to the love we share. We are preparing bags with small, inexpensive, meaningful gifts to be dropped off as an expression of God’s love through our connection as the body of Christ. Gifts will be available for pickup for the love droppers (all are welcome—families! individuals! couples!) and will include a list of folks who will receive the love.

If you are interested in being a “love dropper” or if you find that you would welcome a little love being dropped at your door, please contact our Faith Community Nurse, Kim Dahlgren.