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The Way Forward

The Way Forward

Friends, Christ is Risen! As you can probably imagine, these articles are due well ahead of the day they arrive in your inboxes and mailboxes. So, it may be a sunny day as you read, but as I write I can see out the window of my home office that a band of snow has...
The Way Forward

We Wish to See Jesus

A year. That’s how long it has been since we were last in one space together. How long it’s been since we passed bread from hand to hand, lifted our voices in unison, welcomed the children running back in into worship eager to share what they had learned about God...
The Way Forward

A Love Letter

Dear Trinity, As is the tradition when Valentine’s Day rolls around, I thought I might take a moment to tell you that I love you. Before we met, I had heard of you through friends. Not much more than what a fine church you were, way out here in Stillwater. Then the...
The Way Forward


My first visit to Disney World was as a teenager with my family. We drove all the way from Eau Claire. Ted and I have taken our kids twice. It is visually astonishing, imaginary perfection. No detail too small to stamp with the Disney-verse brand—usually iconic mouse...
The Way Forward

God-with-us sparking God within us

As the snow came down this morning, I felt a familiar frisson of excitement—the kind that starts to bubble up as Christmas catalogs begin to arrive in the mail. Baking lists take shape in my mind. I think about the tree that will sparkle in the dining room window and...
The Way Forward

All Saints’ Sunday Reminds Us of God’s Gifts

Siblings in Christ, We open each November with All Saints’ Sunday worship, when we recall our beloved dead: especially those we have lost in the past year. We say their names. We light candles. We hear bells echoing through the sanctuary. This year we will be...

Sunday, Sept. 26
8:45 a.m. In-Person at Trinity, Livestream & Online
11 a.m. Outdoors at the Drive-in
When pandemic allows and weather requires, the drive-in service may move indoors. We are so excited for this new schedule which allows for a 10 a.m. Faith Formation and Community Hour between services.

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